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Piedmont Trial Lawyers Assist Drivers Accused of Traffic Violations

Kernersville attorneys represent motorists who have received citations

Losing your driving privileges or paying a fine you don’t deserve can put a strain on you and your family. At Apple Payne Law, PLLC in Kernersville, we know that ticketed drivers often choose to accept some form of punishment just to get things over with, even if they aren’t certain that they broke any laws. But with our help, you can fight a traffic citation. Our lawyers have four decades of combined experience serving drivers in Alamance, Forsyth and the surrounding counties. Whether you’ve received a speeding ticket or are facing potential license suspension for reckless driving, an accumulation of 12 points or some other reason, we are proven litigators who evaluate your situation and work to deliver the best result possible.

Experienced North Carolina advocates provide effective guidance

In Alamance County and the surrounding areas, we help motorists fight traffic charges by giving them legal counsel that is:
  • Skillful — Taking on police and prosecutors isn’t easy, but our attorneys understand the types of errors that can taint the law enforcement process. After a thorough review, we’ll help determine what defenses exist and guide you toward the best resolution possible.
  • Highly responsive — No matter what the case entails, we pride ourselves on hard work and attentive service so you have a full understanding of the applicable law and any potential defense.
  • Cost-effective — Everyone deserves effective counsel. We’re committed to giving you outstanding legal representation at an affordable rate. Our firm accepts various forms of payment and also creates payment plans if needed.
Don’t give up your rights without obtaining a thoughtful perspective on your case from a qualified traffic violation defense attorney.
Area of Practice

Alamance County firm handles speeding and reckless driving cases

Our firm handles all types of North Carolina traffic violation cases, including matters relating to alleged:
  • Moving violations — Tickets for running a red light, speeding, illegal turns and other moving violations can be fought and often defeated.
  • License and registration issues — Drivers who lack the proper authorization or insurance documentation risk fines and license points. These violations can lead to a loss of driving privileges and higher insurance costs. For misdemeanors and infractions, we press for fair treatment and the dismissal of unwarranted charges.
  • Reckless driving — Excessive speeding (more than 15 miles per hour over the speed limit) and other types of dangerous vehicle operation could trigger a misdemeanor reckless driving charge. This statute includes very subjective standards, meaning that police officers often don’t realize that something that might appear to be careless or unsafe can be justified. We can provide a targeted defense to charges of reckless driving.
Regardless of the specific citation, we’ll conduct a complete review to counter the accusation against you and maximize the likelihood of a positive outcome.

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Apple Payne Law, PLLC represents motorists in Alamance County and throughout the Piedmont Trial in a full range of traffic defense cases. Please call 336-842-6357 or contact us online to schedule a meeting at our office in Kernersville.
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